Operating since 1997 and being a proud member of Globalcom Holding S.A.L., GlobalCom Data Services (GDS), is the national leader in wireless data communications offering a complete range of protocol-independent data telecommunication services. We have reached the market leader position through state of the art equipment complemented by a dedicated customer service center and enlivened by a national coverage from Kobayat in the north to Mayss-El-Jabal in the extreme south of Lebanon.

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GlobalCom Data Services

GDS is Lebanon’s leading and most trusted provider of data communications. Established as a private wireless data operator at the nation level, under Decree 9288, dated October 5, 1996, GDS began full-fledged operations 1997.
GDS offers a spectrum of protocol-independent data telecommunication services, which are supported by a state-of-the-art network platform, a highly skilled and seasoned team of engineers and technicians, and a dedicated Customer Service Center. Today, GDS boasts extensive, near-perfect coverage across the country’s uneven and challenging terrain: From Kobayat in the north to Mayss el-Jabal in the extreme south.

Committed to the pursuit of excellence, GDS aims to maintain its market leadership status and continue driving innovation by setting new benchmarks in the integrated telecommunications business through constantly developing quality of service, improving global coverage, pioneering technology and expertise, enhancing financial capacities, building enduring partnerships with customers, and forging trustworthy alliances.
GDS puts in place evolving strategies that maintains sustainable and predictable growth, a competitive edge, market leadership, value-added and superior services, stakeholder interests, and employee welfare.
An ideal company can only be built upon unwavering and unchanging core values that guide all its decisions and actions. The following are the strongly held beliefs of GDS:
Innovation: Introducing cutting-edge technologies before anyone else;
Performance: Guaranteeing perfect coverage across the nation in any terrain;
Service: Delivering beyond the promise;
Alliance: Forging trustworthy partnerships to ensure growth and success;
Pride: Providing first-class services and instilling customer confidence;
Results: Developing, expanding, and succeeding;
Stakeholders: Ensuring the continuous and stable distribution of profits to shareholders; and
Employees: Providing an environment conducive to professional and personal growth.
The GDS technical team is composed of groups of multidisciplinary and highly specialized engineers and technicians who are well-versed in all forms of wireless and wired technologies.
Entrusted with handling every technical aspect of the operation, most team members have more than 15 years’ hands-on experience in the telecommunications field. In addition, team members undergo continuous training on the regularly updated GDS network.
GDS technical team is available 24/7/365 to respond to emergencies.
1996: Awarded license as the first Private Data Operator in the MENA
1997: Coverage of all major cities within a six-month period.
2001: First operator to introduce LMDS in the MENA.
2002: First operator to introduce wireless IP broadband in the MENA.
2003: First operator to operate Public Wi-Fi systems in Lebanon.
2007: First operator to trial IEEE 802.16e in the MENA.
2007: Largest DSL Network Deployment in Lebanon.
2009: Launch of WiMAX.
2012: Launch of Managed Services Solutions.
2012: 3G Mobile Internet Service Provider (with affiliates IDM and Cyberia).
2013: Launch of Hosted Video Service.
2016: Launch of Managed Firewall Service
2016+: Fiber Unbundled Bitstream Access

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GDS has continuous expansion plans to accommodate the ongoing development of its network.

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GDS has continuous expansion plans to accommodate the ongoing development of its network.

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